Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More About Where We Live

This is Max the Moose. He is our town mascot. We drove by him today but it was too cold to stop and take pictures.

This is a real moose. Lots of them live near us.
They like living near Dryden because there are so many trees and lakes here.
All those blue patches are lakes. There are hundreds of them.

The City of Dryden is centrally located in Northwestern Ontario, along the Trans Canada Highway (17). Dryden is near the centre of Canada, half-way between Thunder Bay, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba.
It takes us 4.5 hours to drive to Winnipeg, Manitoba and 4.5 hours to drive in the other direction to Thunder Bay. It is a very long drive. When mom flew on an airplane to Toronto for her business trip we had to drive all the way to Thunder Bay to get to the closest airport.

There is a place called Kakabeka Falls on the way to Thunder Bay. We stopped there for a break and mom took these pictures. It was fall then so there was no snow and the leaves were all turning colours.

This is what our street looks like today...

Everything is covered in hoar frost. It doesn't always look like that but it does lots of times.

This is what hoar frost looks like up close. Mom took these pictures in our yard.

 This is the frost on our swing set ropes...

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