Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another cold day for Flat Jordan.

Here are a few pictures of the city where Flat Jordan is visiting.  The temperature today in Shenyang was -13 to 13!  It was very cold.  You can see an office building with the Chinese flag flying outside.  There are lots of Chinese flags everywhere.  People in China really love their country.

There are lots of tall buildings and traffic!  People hardly ever stop at red lights.

Fireworks. It is almost Chinese New Year and people are stocking up on fireworks.  On Chinese New Years Eve, the fireworks will go off for many  hours!

Even though it almost February, there are still many Christmas decorations up.  Very few people in China celebrate Christmas but they like the decorations.  On Christmas day, everything is open, even schools for children!  It's not a holiday here.

This is a restaurant.  It is called "Hao Kou Wei Xiao Chi Cai"  Hao means good.  "Kou wei" means taste.  "Xiao chi cai" means small dishes.   You look at the second character that looks like a square. Doesn't it look kind of like a mouth?  That's because it is a mouth!  口 is pronounce "kou" and it means mouth.

This snow has been sitting there since about November!  It snows early and doesn't melt. It just piles up and gets dirty.

Since Chinese New Year is coming, there are pretty red lanterns up all over the place.

Many people put lanterns up in their windows.

Flat Jordan went out for a walk at night to see the lanterns all lit up.  This is the same one as in the day time picture.

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