Monday, January 24, 2011

Some more adventures in China

Well, Flat Jordan is now back in ShenYang where there is snow on the ground and the temperature is well below freezing.  He's been hanging out in the apartment of the family where he is visiting.  Most people in China live in apartments, unless they live in the countryside.  In the countryside there are many houses.
In China, there are many buildings that are six stories tall.  That is because if a building is seven stories, the builder must put in an elevator.  Many builders don't want to do that.  So many people (including the family that Flat Jordan is visiting) climb stairs a lot.

This morning, Flat Stanley had to go to the grocery store.  Many people in China ride bikes and buy small amounts of food each day.

On the way back from the store, the basket was pretty crowded!

Most food in China is about the same as in America.

Some food is similar but different.  Here is some dish soap, multi-grain cheerios, oatmeal and Skittles.  The oatmeal actually is sent in from Australia.

Milk comes in  boxes or small bags.  It does not taste like American milk.  Before you open it, it doesn't even need to go in the refrigerator!
The other thing in the picture is ginger root.  That is used a lot in Chinese cooking.  Americans usually use ginger powder.

Flat Jordan also tried to read some Chinese.  Chinese is written in "characters"  not letters.  After a while, he gave up!  Chinese is hard!

He tried reading a Chinese children's book.  Even that was hard!

After a while, he gave up and decided to play with a baby who lives in the house.  

He managed to not get ripped!

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