Saturday, January 22, 2011

Off to Beijing!

Well, Flat Jordan arrived safe and sound in Shenyang, China.  Shenyang is in the North East of China and it is very, very cold there.
Flat Jordan's China family had to go to Beijing for a quick trip.  So they took Flat Jordan with them.
Early in the morning, he got in a taxi and went to the north side of the city to get on the train.  He went on the fast train to Beijing, which takes about 4 hours.  It is very, very fast.

He ate a pancake for breakfast.

When Flat Jordan got to Beijing, he got in a taxi.  On the highway, he went past a famous Beijing building that is known as "The Underpants."  If you look at the building, you can see why!

For lunch, he went to Papa John's.  Did you know you could get Papa John's Pizza in China? It's an American restaurant, but you can get it here.

He stayed in an 18th floor apartment.  Pretty high up!

On the subway, Flat Jordan had to hang on to a strap.  There were no seats available...and this isn't even a crowded subway!

Then he went to Tienanmen Square.  This is where all the imporatabt government buildings are.  The building in the background is "The Great Hall of the People."  It's kind of like the White House.

Here is Flat Jordan in front of the Forbidden City.  The Forbidden City is an old, old palace in Beijing. It is very important and very beautiful.

After his day in Beijing, Flat Jordan had to go back to  cold Shenyang.  We'll see what happens next to him!

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